Boston Men’s Symposium

Welcome to the Boston Men’s Symposium.

The Boston Men’s Symposium is the only community in Boston committed to helping men reach their goals in dating and relationships. The best part is this community is free to join. If you’re looking to meet other men with a similar mindset, who are committed to going out and meeting women, then you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to look around and apply for membership.

The purpose of the Boston Men’s Symposium is to provide an environment for men in the Greater Boston Area to help one another develop skills for meeting and creating successful relationships with women (in whatever way you personally define success). Dedication to this goal inevitably means that you will make personal changes and learn social skills which will improve all aspects of your life. The Symposium can act as a source of motivation, learning, social networking and/or emotional support. There are many resources, programs and skilled members to benefit from; but, one only gets out of the group what he puts into it. As in life, those who gain the most from what the Symposium has to offer have the ambition, the humility, and the desire to pursue their goals.

It’s understandable if you are apprehensive or uncertain about joining the Symposium. It is OK if you have no experience with dating. The assumption is that all people can learn from one another because we all come from different backgrounds. Just bear in mind, the basic expectation is that a Symposium member has expectations of himself. Without an environment of guys who are actively striving for a better life and pushing themselves towards achievement, the Symposium fails in its founding purpose. Dating is not just only about meeting women; it is about self-improvement.

Warmest Regards,

The Boston Men’s Symposium