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Dear applicant,

We are selective about who we allow to join the Boston Men’s Symposium, as we only want new members who are as dedicated to their self-improvement as we are.

Historically our group has only been open to men. Recently though, we have decided to include a limited number of women who are interested in providing a woman’s perspective on dating and relationships. A woman who is interested in joining the forum must first meet with some of established members for our consideration. Female membership will be limited to a forum dedicated to male and female interaction.

To apply, you must answer the following questions. Your answers to numbers 5-9 can be used as your introduction on the forum, so please save them in a text file.

Please answer the following and submit your application for consideration.

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~The Boston Men’s Symposium

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    3. Lair members are expected to be “visible.” “Visible” means that you are involved with the Lair and other members know who you are. At minimum, are you able to attend one meeting per month (Sat eve, Sun afternoon)? (required)

    4. One of the major principals upheld is that the guys with more skill teach the guys with less skill. When you have developed skill, will you help inexperienced guys? (required)

    5. What has attracted you to improve your dating life or what has prompted your interest? (required)

    6. Introduce yourself. Who are you and what value can you bring to the group? (required)

    7. Why are you interested in joining the group as opposed to studying on your own? (required)

    8. Generally speaking, what are your strengths and weaknesses? (required)

    9. Name 3-5 goals you want to accomplish over the next year (dating related or not). (required)

    10. What phone number would you like to be contacted at for an interview? (required)