The Differences Between Men And Boys

– A boy is irresponsible.

- A man is responsible.

– A boy’s thoughts drift from one to another.

- A man is focused.

– A boy is late.

– A man is punctual.

– A boy is indecisive.

– A man makes decisions.

– A boy hesitates.

- A man takes action.

– A boy places blame.

– A man owns up to his mistakes.

– A boy does not think before he acts.

– A man thinks four steps ahead.

– A boy seeks validation from others.

- A man validates himself.

– A boy thinks of himself first.

– A man thinks of others first.

– A boy apologizes for who he is.

– A man owns his identity.

– A boy is apathetic.

– A man is committed.

– A boy reacts.

– A man acts.

– A boy is a tyrant and tries to rule others.

– A man rules himself.

– A boy is inept.

– A man is capable.

– A boy is a trickster.

- A man is authentic.

– A boy is a coward.

– A man courageous.

– A boy let’s himself be walked on.

- A man has strong boundaries.

– A boy acts impulsively.

- A man acts with purpose.

– A boy takes.

– A man gives.

– A boy uses.

- A man produces.

– A boy relies on others.

- A man has others who rely upon him.

– A boy is self-destructive.

– A man builds himself up.

– A boy is passive-aggresive.

- A man is assertive.

– A boy waits for his destiny to be revealed to him.

– A man creates his own destiny.

– A boy has a problem with authority.

- A man can handle authority.

– A boy rejects education.

- A man never stops learning.

– A boy is a student.

- A man teaches.

– A boy detracts from others.

– A man empowers others.

– A boy lies.

- A man is honest.

– A boy is a know-it-all.

- A man knows what he doesn’t know.

– A boy is envious.

- A man gives recognition.

– A boy is lazy.

- A man is active.

– A boy is dull.

– A man is creative.

– A boy steals.

– A man gives away freely.

– A boy looks outward.

- A man introspects.

– A boy protects himself.

- A man makes himself vulnerable.

– A boy watches.

- A man participates.

– A boy is negative.

- A man is positive.

– A boy is a son.

– A man is a father.

– A boy hates.

- A man loves.

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